How can I save by using PayHere?
PayHere allows you to top-up prepaid mobile credit, online game credit and pay bills at a discounted rate. Therefore, you save through the discounted rate from every transaction made with PayHere.
Can I install PayHere in any devices?
PayHere is compatible with all android phones and Iphone with IOS 8 and above.
Where can I download PayHere app?
PayHere app is now available at App Store and Google Play Store.
Why can’t I activate my PayHere account? It shows connection time out.
It is recommended to perform your first time activation using WiFi because PayHere app will consume large amount of data during the first time initialization.
Why can’t I log into my PayHere account by using another device? It shows a general error.
You can’t login to a second device after you activated your PayHere account with your first device. However, if you wish to switch your PayHere account to another mobile, you can call our customer service 03-56236000 to reset for you.
How can I top-up my PayHere credit?
You can top-up PayHere credit through JomPAY under any online banking system.
  1. E-pay biller code:2360

  2. Ref 1 : 6 digit account no (56XXXX)

  3. Ref 2 : MAIN

Why can’t I view the credit top up status in my PayHere account?
You need to perform a poll action to update your PayHere balance.
How do I print the receipt?
You need to connect your phone to a bluetooth printer to print the receipt. Alternatively, you can save the receipt as an image and print it through your computer.
I have forgotten my password. How do I recover it?
Please call the customer service 03-56236000 for assistance on resetting your new password.